Become A Trojan

Selecting the best possible school is an important process, and Tattnall’s admissions office is committed to making your family’s experience as individualized, relaxed, and personal as possible.

Applying To Tattnall

We are so grateful that you are interested in joining the Tattnall family! While searching for a school can be stressful, our goal is to make the admissions process as smooth and enjoyable as possible for you and your child. The Admissions Office carefully explores each applicant’s individual talents and strengths to determine if our program best meets his or her needs. In order to personalize the process, we invite applicants from all grades to shadow a day in the classroom and families to tour our campus.  To begin the admissions process, please click the link below to create a private account within our admissions portal. For questions, concerns, or general information please contact our Director of Admissions, Mallory Huff.

Admissions Portal

Enrollment Process

There are several steps to be completed before enrolling at Tattnall. Visit the timeline below for a full breakdown of the order of the enrollment process.

Initial Steps:

  • Parent/Guardian makes an inquiry about enrollment – inquiry is stored in Veracross Admissions Portal
  • Admissions Director makes contact with the family to answer any questions, gather info, and schedule a tour

Steps to Enrollment:

  • Family completes the online application, stored in Veracross Admissions Portal
    • Required personal documents include Birth Certificate, Social Security card, and immunization forms.
    • Parents are given a consent form to sign allowing Tattnall to request the student’s record from his/her previous school. Required school documents include final report card from the previous school if applicable, discipline report, attendance record, psychological evaluation record if applicable, copy of Individualized Education Plan/504 if applicable
    • The $60.00 application fee may be paid through the Veracross Admissions Portal. 
  • Records received
  • Evaluation scheduled on a case-by-case basis for students in grades sixth through twelfth. 
  • Mandatory enrollment testing will be scheduled for students in K5 through fifth.


Acceptance vs. Denial

  • Admissions Committee reviews student candidate’s file
    • The file includes all personal and academic records, evaluation if applicable 
    • Admissions Committee includes Head of School, Director of Admissions, Middle/Upper School Principal, Lower School Principal, Dean of Discipline, Guidance Counselor
  • Director of Admissions contacts parent/guardian to notify the family of acceptance or denial after a committee discussion on the status of enrollment
  • Director of Admissions sends an application for Tuition Assistance if requested after acceptance is confirmed 



  • The Director of Admissions sends parent/guardian access to the Enrollment Portal.
    • All steps in the Enrollment Portal must be completed to secure the student’s place in the class.
    • Steps to be completed in the Enrollment Portal are:
    • Step up Family Profile.
    • Sign off on TSA Policies.
    • Sign off on Tuition Contract stating that the parent/guardian is responsible for tuition for the school year in twelve installments.
    • Set up your VC Tuition Payment Plan.
    • Submit your once-per-family enrollment fee of $500.
  • Your student’s place in the class will not be secured until all steps within the Enrollment Portal are completed. 
  • Director of Admissions adds student candidate’s name to enrollment list once the agreement is returned and the fee is paid
    • Completion of the steps in the Enrollment Portal ensures the following: class reschedule created, student ID created, student email address created, an invitation to parent portal sent (parents only), an invitation to Schoology sent (to student and parent)



Did You Know?

  • TSA offers 18 different AP and Dual Enrollment courses. In fact, TSA students who take AP/dual enrollment courses will graduate with an average of 12-18 college credit hours.
  • 90% of the Class of 2018 retained their HOPE after their freshman year of college.
  • The average class size consists of 13 students allowing faculty the opportunity to better serve each individual student’s needs.
  • TSA was voted best private school for nine consecutive years (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022).


How do I arrange a campus visit?

Browsing the website and admissions material can provide a glimpse of student life at TSA, but only a campus tour can truly provide the feel of what it means to be a Tattnall Trojan. Please call our Office of Admission at 478-477-6760 or visit our Admissions Portal to schedule an appointment.

What is required to receive an admission decision?

After applying to TSA, and submitting all required forms and materials, prospective families will receive notification from the Admissions Office. A complete list of steps is located under Applying to Tattnall.

Is there any sort of tuition assitance available?

Tattnall Square Academy offers tuition assistance to families with students accepted for a school year. Contact Mallory Huff with questions about the tuition assistance application process.

Must I repay this award?

No. A financial award is used to offset the cost of your child’s education.

Besides athletics, what can my child do after school?

Tattnall offers several different activities in which students can participate. We offer 18 afterschool options.

How much financial aid may I expect to receive?

Each award is individualized, based upon the financial need of each applicant.

Admissions Publications

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  • Lower School Curriculum
  • Middle School Curriculum
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