Middle School

Our middle school includes students in 6th-8th grades. Building on the foundations provided by our elementary school and in our interest in educating every child for lifelong success, the middle school offers opportunities for student growth in a wide variety of areas.



We offer a rigorous program of study designed to prepare our students for high school. Many of our students rotate through our Exploratory Program which exposes them to many disciplines including Art, Latin, Computer Skills, Robotics, Writing, and Bible. Our higher achieving math students are encouraged to consider our Problem Solving class which prepares them for the rigors of math competitions. In addition, our students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of extracurricular academic related activities including reading bowl and math competitions.

Extracurricular Activities

Middle school students have many opportunities to excel outside the classroom. They can participate in a variety of sports, choose to get involved in our band program, or display their talents through our Drama department. Students leave campus for academically relevant field trips during middle school highlighted by the eighth grade trip to Washington D.C.

Spiritual Life

First and foremost, we want our middle school students to continue to grow spiritually. Bible classes are offered during middle school to reinforce our students’ spiritual walk. In addition, we have weekly chapel services or small groups that expose our students to God’s word and give them opportunities to discuss their faith with peers and a group leader.

Social Growth

Middle school can be a difficult time socially for some students. Our faculty is well aware that students of this age are at different points in terms of maturity. Our goal is to transition these students from elementary school to high school. Doing so requires nurturing, patience, and consistency.

The middle school faculty welcomes the challenge of helping students grow and find success during these formative years. Students take a course of study to include rigorous core courses along with challenging and enriching electives. Honors courses are available in most disciplines.

For most children, the years of middle school are a time when great energies and great anxieties spring up simultaneously. Being an independent individual and being a productive member of a group of peers go hand in hand. School takes on a social importance as never before—just at the time when academics become more demanding and diverse. Small classes and personal attention offer Tattnall Square Academy students and parents added advantages during the years of such change and growth.

Our middle school faculty members make it a point to know as completely as possible where each student stands both in regard to the challenges of the classroom and the challenges of growing up.

Academically, middle school at Tattnall is a time of focus on important foundation subjects—English, math, science, and history. In all middle school grades, students engage in in-depth study of history, geography, languages, computer science, and physical education/health. Instrumental music, art, theatre, and unique exploratory courses enrich the curriculum. For your child in the seventh and eighth grades, new horizons become not only evident, but reachable.

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