Lower School

From Pre-Kindergarten through sixth grade, Tattnall Square Academy’s classroom teachers provide an academically challenging curriculum; in math, science, social studies, and language arts — supporting the cognitive, social, and emotional development of each of their students.

Emphasis is placed on the spiritual development of each student.

Faculty and students attend weekly chapel services which are the center of the School’s spiritual life and which serves as an integral part of the School’s curriculum. Bible classes are taught daily in each classroom.

In grades K3-4, a full-time paraprofessional works with classroom teachers to further support student learning. Children are encouraged to be creative, curious, and compassionate. We endeavor to teach an appreciation of diversity that goes well beyond heroes and holidays by introducing students to history and the world around them through a wide range of views and perspectives.

Teachers understand that children have different learning styles. At TSA, we strive to differentiate instruction, providing information in a variety of ways to help each student learn and feel successful. Teachers deepen instruction through project-based learning, field trips, community service, and integration with enrichment classes.

Enrichment classes play a huge role in the life of our students. From Pre-kindergarten through sixth grade, children explore, take risks, and discover passions and talents in Bible, music, art, physical education, computers, library, and STEM labs. Discovery classes are offered in grades third-sixth grades. Daily field trips occur often at each grade level and overnight education trips begin in fourth grade.

Community connections are made and sustained in many ways. Teachers send home a weekly class letter, and communication almost daily through class folders or parent emails. Parents and guardians volunteer in classrooms and on field trips. Room parents organize grade-level events for families.Lower School students and families participate actively in Kids Yule Love, the Christmas Concert, Elementary Sports (football, cheerleading, basketball, World Cup soccer), the Spring Musical, and Spotlight on the Arts.

Learning is a life-long endeavor. Teachers model enthusiasm for education through their own ongoing professional development. As a school, reviewing and updating curriculum is also always ongoing. Our students get an opportunity to reflect deeply on their own learning as well including challenges and accomplishments when they prepare for and present samples of their work at Parent/Guardian/Teacher/Student conferences.

It is our hope you will use these web pages to explore and learn more about our precious school. While the photos and information on this site will give you a sense of the environment, visiting our campus is the best way to truly capture the spirit of Tattnall Square Academy.

We are blessed at Tattnall Square to share our days with students who are eager to learn and actively participate in their education. We have a faculty and staff who are committed to educating children not only academically, but emotionally, socially and spiritually as well. We are surrounded by families and a dedicated Board of Trustees who are committed to helping us achieve our goals, and never let us forget that together our job is to encourage children to become everything God intends for them to be. Education is important, but we pray daily that we never lose sight of the big picture…that children should grow up experiencing God’s grace which will in turn, allow them to become an asset to their society.

It is our goal that as a result of our enthusiasm for learning, creativity, diversity, and community, Tattnall Square Academy students will truly be educated for eternity.