For many football fans, tonight is the biggest night of college football. The BCS National Championship will be played in Pasadena, California, between the Auburn Tigers and the Florida State Seminoles. Many fans would love to be there at the stadium tonight, but most will be tuning in to robbie Dailey2watch the action by television, except for our own Robbie Dailey ’08.  Robbie, currently a senior at Auburn, will soon graduate with a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering degree in May 2014. He has aspirations of working with NASA or private industry after graduation.

In addition to being a student at Auburn, Robbie works as the end zone videographer for the Auburn Tigers football team. He is responsible for providing footage for calls that are under review and for the coaches. Today, he is in Pasadena with his Tigers preparing for tonight’s BCS National Championship game. Congratulations to Robbie on his many accomplishments since his TSA graduation. We look forward to keeping up with the trails he blazes in the years to come!

Robbie Dailey      Robbie Dailey3