After her 2005 graduation from TSA, Lori Pitts Sanders attended Georgetown University and eventually graduated from Mercer University in 2009, where she studied finance and economics. After graduation, Lori moved to Washington DC to begin her career

Lori Pitts Sanders ’05 is currently the outreach manager and policy analyst at the R StreetLori Pitts Sanders Institute in Washington DC. In this role, she is responsible for R Street’s coalition efforts, as well as providing public outreach and education about public policy issues to regulators, lawmakers and their staffs.

Lori came to R Street from the American Enterprise Institute, where she most recently served as program manager for AEI’s Road to Freedom project, helping to market AEI President Arthur Brooks’ 2012 bestseller The Road to Freedom. Previously, she worked as a development associate in AEI’s corporate relations department. Prior to her work at AEI, Sanders worked at George Mason University’s Mercatus Center, as a participant in the Charles Koch Institute’s Koch Associate Program.

Recently Lori was published in the Journal of National Affairs. Click here to read the article. Since she left TSA in 2005, Lori has been blazing trails all the way to Washington DC and we cannot wait to continue to follow her journey!  Congratulations, Lori!  You have represented your alma mater well!