What’s in a name? For instance, the name Shirley is composed of the words shir, meaning “song” or “poem” and li, meaning “for me.”  It means “a song/poem for me,” or “I have a song.” God is always in the details, even in the names we are given. 

How appropriate is the Hebrew meaning detailed above for TSA’s Senior English teacher, Mrs. Shirley Kitchings. She always has a poem for every program and event she creates. From Kids Yule Love, Moving Up Ceremonies, or the Blessing of the Graduates, Mrs. Kitchings’ beautifully written words have a way of stirring many emotions. She is more than an English teacher, Mrs. Kitchings is a storyteller. She has a way of connecting people through feelings and emotions. Many alumni and parents of alumni will say that the Tattnall memories they cherish the most come from one of the many special Tattnall Traditions that she created.  kitchings KYLIn her 32 years as a Trojan, she has written and continues to create the original scripts and poems for the Kids Yule Love program (27 years), the Moving Up Ceremonies (25 years), Senior Chapel (21 years) and Blessing of the Graduates (9 years). Her “poems” inspire, touch, and bless everyone who hears them. Many of the tiny Trojans even believe that she is the real “Mrs. Claus” at Kids Yule Love. Each senior class also gets to experience Mrs. Kitchings as their English teacher. She has a unique way of connecting literature to her students, and they also know that she truly cares about them and their success beyond her classroom.

kitchingsNot only is Mrs. Kitchings known as a wonderful storyteller and English teacher, most importantly she is also known as a “prayer warrior.” She is someone who always points her colleagues and her students back to Christ. She invests in the lives of the seniors she teaches, and they are blessed to hear her share her testimony at the end of each year before they step out and face the world. She truly wants to make a difference in their lives.

It is hard to imagine Tattnall Square Academy without Mrs. Kitchings’ enthusiasm and work ethic. We are proud to name her as our First Teacher of the Month, November 2013! Congratulations, Mrs. Kitchings! We are grateful you have shared your God-given talents with TSA for 32 years! Thank you for always reminding us of the plans God has for us. Jeremiah 29:11