Make Your Mark Seat Campaign_adTattnall has made its mark on you; now make your mark on Tattnall!

Be the first to start a tradition by supporting the “Make Your Mark” campaign. As a valued member of the Tattnall family, we invite you to make your mark on Tattnall by dedicating or reserving one of the 512 seats in Trojan Hall.

Dedicated seats will be recognized with an engraved plate permanently affixed to your seat of choice, bearing the name of the person, family, children/grandchildren, or business being honored.

Reserved seats will be available in center rows B through D and must be renewed annually. By reserving seats, you will have your seat(s) of choice for all school wide events held in Trojan Hall all year long (including our upcoming Grandparents Day).

Reserved seats may not be dedicated, and dedicating a seat does not reserve your seat(s).

**All seats will be chosen on a first-come, first-served basis.**

Dedicated Seats: (One Time Donation)     Reserved Seats: (Renewed Annually)
One Seat $300 each                                    $100 per seat for each school year
Two Seats $275 each                                  Center rows B-D are open for reservations
Three+ Seats $250 each                             See Seating Chart Attached
(Blue Seats on Seating Chart)                    (Gold Seats on Seating Chart)

Trojan Hall Seating Chart

Complete the attached forms to secure your choice of seat(s) to be reserved or dedicated. Return the forms with your tax-deductible donation to the lower school office or main office. If you have any other questions, please contact Brandi Fountain in the Development Office at [email protected].


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