Every Great Story Has a Strong Start

Every story has a beginning. At Tattnall we believe in providing our students with the resources necessary to write a great story in life. Tattnall students are shaped to be critical thinkers, chase dreams, discover new passions, never settle for anything less than their best, and above all, develop and strengthen their relationship with God.

We invite you to join us for Open House on Thursday, February 16 at 6:00 p.m. to discover how your children can benefit from personal attention in a Christ-centered environment.

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“Our family started at Tattnall in 2010 after visiting several other schools in the Macon area. It has been a tremendous blessing for us to know that our children are in such a warm and caring environment where leaders and teachers always put God first. The faculty are incredibly passionate about their roles as teachers, counselors, and life coaches who help us prepare our children for the world they will face in the future. The results we have seen in our son Dillon, now in his senior year, cannot be measured. We cannot wait to see how their stories continue to unfold.”

The Shaw Family – Randy, Donna, Dillon ’17, Danielle ’22


“As I reflect back on our journey at Tattnall, I realize that we are truly blessed. Before I enrolled my children at TSA, their school surroundings and the lack of concern caused constant worry during the school day. I knew that something had to change, but I was still uncertain as to where we would eventually end up. After continuous prayer, a dear friend, and Tattnall alum, recommended that we give TSA a try. After only a short time of consideration, I decided to enroll my boys at Tattnall, and I haven’t worried since. Sending Aubrien and Ahmad to Tattnall Square Academy has been the best decision that I have ever made for my boys. From day one, we were welcomed with open arms and hearts. Any uncertainties that I had about the transition were quickly put to rest by the extraordinary teachers and staff. They have been our key to success. My boys are passionate about sports and have been blessed to have coaches who believe in their education above all else. The sound Christian background has helped renew and restore our faith as a family. During one of the most difficult times in our lives, the loss of my daughter, Tattnall surrounded my family with overwhelming love and support. I learned then that this was no longer just our school; it was our family. Tattnall has instilled a foundation that will enable my boys to fulfill their potential, and that has ultimately been the goal of this investment. Aubrien is now experiencing his first year of college and reminds me how prepared he was after graduating from Tattnall. Ahmad is now a senior who will soon start a new chapter of his life, and his possibilities are limitless because of his foundation. This is our story, and Tattnall is the reason why it has changed for the better.”

Jalisha Barron (Aubrien ’16 and Ahmad ’17)

“When life brings uncertainty, our hope comes from the peace of God. That is exactly what my family has found at Tattnall. The warmth and love instilled by our Tattnall family have given my boys a new found peace and confidence. In my eyes, it’s a gift on which I could never put a price.”

Susan Kasulka ’92 (Blake ’27 and Taylor ’25)




“From the day Katie shadowed, we knew that Tattnall was special and that we wanted our family to be a part of the school’s unique community. Now having a senior, a sophomore, and a kindergartener, we experience Tattnall from the upper school to the lower school, and we cannot imagine a better place for our children. Through their activities in the classroom, participation in athletics, and opportunities to grow their faith, we’ve been blessed to experience the best of what Tattnall has to offer. The foundation Tattnall is providing for our children is preparing them to be accomplished students as they continue their education. More importantly, this foundation will provide them with the tools necessary to become successful members of our community. Tattnall is so much more than a school. We are a family. And we are so thankful that the story of our family is told in large part at Tattnall Square Academy.”

Jan Clark (Katie ’17, Bridges ’19, and Charlie ’29)

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