Every Gift Has a Story | Faith Gaylord

“Teachers not only teach, but a hug from Mrs. Dingmore says more than I would have received out of an hour of class.” – Faith Gaylord ’17


It wasn’t until September of my Junior year that I started school at Tattnall Square Academy. Many people think otherwise, considering I have been around for so many years. I was known as “little Gaylord” since both of my brothers attended and graduated from Tattnall. I was always at the school either cheering my brothers on at football and baseball games, or I was with Jody, where he worked his “magic” on my gymnastics injuries. In such a short time attending school at Tattnall, I have made memories that I will remember forever.

Throughout my short high school years, I have made countless friendships. I also have three teachers who are a significant part of my story: Jody Burnett, Mrs. Carolyn Stuart, and Mrs. Jana Dingmore. Not only has Jody repaired almost every bone and muscle in my body, but he has been responsible for healing me emotionally and mentally, when all I wanted to do was give up.

I give Mrs. Stuart credit for building my confidence and teaching me that pushing through a two hundred problem math packet gives you a sense of accomplishment. She proved to me that teachers truly care about their students and want you to succeed for yourself.

Teachers not only teach, but a hug from Mrs. Dingmore says more than I would have received out of an hour of class. One other person whom I will miss and someone that may get overlooked is the janitor, Alvino. I wave to him every morning, and I always get greeted with a smile and a, ‘Hey Faith, how are you doing this morning?’ Some may think that is lame, but it is one thing I look forward to when I walk into school every morning. He is always in the best mood, enjoys what he does, and knows almost every student by name. I think that is amazing, and I am thankful for his kindness.

Now that I see graduation coming in a few short months, fear races through my mind, but I know God has a perfect plan for my future, and I trust Him wholeheartedly. I am going to hold all the memories I have made so close and tight to my heart, until my time in high school comes to an end.


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