ImageFor several years now, Tatnall Square Academy has served as host for the mission group, SPLASH.  Students from various Middle Georgia schools participate in this community-wide mission project.  Tattnall students, represented by faculty member Mitzi Heath, included Lauren Heckman, Megan Scott, Anna Claire Heath, Patrick Sparks, Stone Waddell, and Madison Deese.  Other TSA students attending with their church included Kell Jarriel, Kyle Glidewell, and Cameron Dorn.  Mrs. Heath stated, “I am so thankful to be a part of Tattnall Square Academy!  It is wonderful to be a part of a school that is so willing to open its doors to SPLASH.  I am also so very proud of the TSA kids that represented us so well this past week.  Over and over I had comments about what hard workers they were.” We are also proud to announce that Megan Scott received the Rev. Bob Franklin Memorial Scholarship.  Rev. Franklin served as the Missions Director for the Macon Baptist Association. Megan served as chaplain for her roofing crew and was such an encouragement to her crew and her homeowner.  The SPLASH camp consisted of over 80 plus participants who completed 6 roofing jobs and 3 painting jobs.