HIcks PromFor 1999 graduate, Amy Foster Hicks, Tattnall not only provided her with an exceptional education, it is also where her fairy tale romance began. Her prince charming or should we say “King” was 1999 graduate, Clay Hicks.  A little known fact about Clay was that he was the first Homecoming King for TSA.

Their romance began with innocent middle school flirting, but they didn’t really begin dating until their junior year.  They first met in between classes at their lockers because their last names were so close in the alphabet. Clay was always the hopeless romantic, even back in high school. Amy fondly remembers all of the roses he would leave on her car while at work or in her mailbox at home.  Although they attended different colleges upon graduation, they still remained together through college, except their last two years of college.  Then, they rekindled their relationship and made it official when they married in December of 2004.

Clay graduated from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College with a bachelor’s degree in Forestry and works in Perry at Tolleson Lumber Company. Amy graduated from the University of Georgia with a bachelor’s degree in Education/ Major in Exercise Science. She continued her education at Georgia College and State University with a bachelor’s degree in Nursing followed by her master’s degree.  Amy works as a Family Nurse Practitioner at a local family practice office in Macon.

Hicks FamilyClay and Amy have been blessed with two beautiful daughters, Sophie Grace (6) in first grade and Emma (5) in Kindergarten, who love being Trojans just like their parents! Clay and Amy’s fairy tale story began another chapter when their children began attending Tattnall 2 years ago.  Amy shared, “Tattnall is like a family. It was like that when Clay and I attended, and I am so glad to see that things have not changed.” There is definitely no place like home!                                                                            

Tattnall is blessed to have the Hicks family back on Trojan Trail. We cannot wait to see their girls grow up here and watch God’s plan unfold for them too!