Bryan's Senior Prom PicWe have all heard that there are exceptions to every rule, and in the story of TSA alums, Bryan Scott (’91) and Julie Daniel Scott (’93), this couldn’t be more important or true.  Bryan is a few years older than Julie, and on the last day of her 9th grade year and his 11th grade year, her parents made an exception to Julie’s dating rule.  She was 4 months shy of being 16 years old when Bryan asked her on their first date.  Her mom, Mrs. Kitchings, taught Bryan English at Tattnall and knew he was the type of guy she would like for Julie to date. Little did she know how that decision would shape her daughter’s future, but God is always in the details! Bryan wanted to take her to a PG movie, and the only one playing at the time was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so that’s where their romance began.  They continued dating all through high school and college without ever parting ways and eventually married in 1996.

After high school, Bryan completed his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and minor in Christianity from Mercer University followed by graduating top in his class from Mercer’s Law School as well in 1998.  Bryan is an attorney in Macon and has operated his private practice for 12 years.  Julie also continued her education at Mercer University receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education followed by her Master’s degree from Georgia College and State University in 1998. Julie taught 16 years in Gifted Education for Bibb County Schools before coming “home” to teach pre-school at TSA for the last 2 years.

Scott ChildrenNot only did Julie come back to Tattnall to teach, she also brought their three children. Avery (9) is in 4th grade, Brynn (7) is in 2nd grade, and Asa (6) is in 5K.  Julie shared, “It was surreal sending Avery for her first day of school to our Alma Mater, but we both knew Tattnall felt like home.  It’s still special to see the kids sing the alma mater at chapel and pep rallies!” The Scott children also have four cousins that they get to see every day at school. Tattnall is literally their extended family!

Bryan and Julie ScottBoth Bryan and Julie have been associated with Tattnall through their families for the majority of their lives.  Bryan’s family has been a part of the Trojan family for over 30 years because of his nieces and nephews who also attended TSA. Julie has also been on the Tattnall campus since 1982, when her mother began teaching English at TSA.  So for the Scott family, Tattnall has been more than where their relationship began, it is part of a legacy that their families began many years ago. Julie always knew that TSA was special, but “Little did I know I’d meet my future husband here, send my future children here, and eventually end up teaching here. There is definitely no place like HOME!”

Tattnall is so grateful for the Scott family and can’t wait to see their legacy continue for many generations to come!