MACON, Ga. – The TSA middle school track teams traveled to Cavalier Fields yesterday and came away with several team and individual trophies. Results for both the boys’ and the girls’ team are listed below.
Lady Trojans
Rebecca Terrill, 3rd place for High Jump; Kelly Collins and Maggie Watson, 3rd and 4th place in Shot Put; Maggie Watson, 1st place Discus; Kelly Collins, 4th place Discus
Logan Childs and Hannah Burns, 1st and 2nd in 100 Hurdles; Logan Childs, 4th in 200 M Dash; Anna Russ and Lydia Warnock, 1st and 2nd in the 400M Dash; Dixie Boyd, 1st place 800M Run; Bailey McFadden, 3rd place, 800M Run. 4X400M Relay Team of Lydia Warnock, Logan Childs, Hannah Burns, and Anna Russ, 1st place ​
​The Lady Trojans finished with a 2nd place team win.
Wes Allen, 1st place Long Jump; Adam Musolf, 2nd place Long Jump; Garrett Earls, 3rd place Triple Jump; Antonie Davis, 2nd place High Jump; Colton Dingmore, 1st place Shot Put, Peyton Spangenburg, 2nd place Discus
Wes Allen, 1st place 100M Dash; Antonie Davis and Adam Musoff, 2nd and 3rd in the 100 Hurdles, Wes Allen, 1st place 200M Dash; William Stubbs, 3rd place 400M Dash; Paul Kelly, 4th place 800M Run and 4th place 1600M; Bryce Beasley, 2nd place 1600M Run
The boys #1 4X100 relay team (Garrett Earls, Adam Musoff, Wes Allen, and Antonie Davis) finished in 1st place.  The boys #1 4X400 relay team (Adam Musoff, Chandler Gay, Antonie Davis, and Wes Allen) finished in 2nd place.
The Trojans finished with a 2nd place team win.
Congratulations to all of our middle school participants. Both teams will compete in the season ending Ribbon Meet next Thursday, April 16, at Stratford Academy.  The meet begins at 12:00 p.m.