Written by Deborah Stevens


In 1952 Sergeant A. E. McGee walked down the streets of Macon, Georgia, noticing poverty and homelessness around him.  He began collecting canned goods to distribute to those in need. At the same time, McGee shared the love of Christ with each of his recipients. Lives became transformed by these messages of hope because Sergeant McGee cared enough to fulfill emotional and spiritual needs all while satisfying hunger.  Sergeant McGee later provided shelter for the homeless and those struggling with alcohol addiction knowing his haven would certainly be safer than jail.  McGee began to enlist friends to help the homeless, even though he was stubbornly ignored by the community.  It took several years for McGee’s idea and plan to be revived by the Rescue Mission’s first superintendent, Rev. J. Robert Moon and his fellow business leaders.

Thus, the Macon Rescue Mission was born in January 1956 as a non-profit corporation for the primary reason of rehabilitating fallen individuals.  The second location at Broadway and Poplar Street became a Macon landmark with the welcoming sign, “Jesus Cares”.

In 1981 the Mission began accepting women who were homeless or victims of domestic violence.  The Dove Center was the first domestic violence shelter in Middle Georgia.  The Rescue Mission also provides a Life Recovery program for men and women.  

Because of Sergeant McGee’s compassion, commitment, and efforts, many lives were transformed, and 59 years later the Rescue Mission remains a strong beacon of hope and love for many men, women and children.  That is the power of one person with a vision to help change lives!


Over 2000 years ago God sent His only Son, born in the obscure village of Bethlehem, the child of a peasant teenager.  He worked in a carpenter shop until He was thirty years old, then was an itinerant preacher who never owned a home, never went to college, and never traveled two hundred miles from the place He was born.

Centuries have come and gone, and today Jesus Christ is the centerpiece of the human race, the Prince of Peace, the great I Am, our Comforter, our Shelter, our Savior!  During the Christmas season, as we remember why we celebrate and Who we celebrate, let’s remember the power of the One who makes all the difference in our lives, who never forsakes or leaves us, who knows our needs and desires of our hearts before we even ask, and who suffered and died to forgive us!  Jesus is the greatest example ever of the power of one!

Throughout 2016, let us all be mindful of the power of one.  One person can make a difference in homes, churches, educational facilities, the workplace, communities and nations.  Never doubt your opinions or ideas will ever matter in making this world a better place in which to live!  

All it takes is the power of ONE!

Merry Christmas!