A child is awake 60,000 hours by the time he is twelve. Of these he/she spends about 5,000 hours in school, 2,500 hours in Bible class and worship (if he never missed a service in his life), and 53,000 hours in the home. It is obvious that parents, more than other children or teachers, have a great opportunity and much responsibility for seeing that children are obedient during this period. The finest schools and best-organized playgrounds can never take the place of the family.

At Tattnall, it is our desire to partner with families to develop the disciplines for lifelong success, while inspiring a passion to glorify God in all that we do. . One way we would like to do this is through our Tattnall Parent Connection Night. This gives the parents of our students an opportunity to spend an evening at TSA hearing from different speakers on a variety of topics dealing with the home. Having a Christ-centered home is desperately needed in our world today. It is our prayer that the parents of our students will take advantage of this great opportunity.

We are fortunate to have two exciting speakers this month.  Mrs. Mardi Bass and Mr. Dan Darden bring a wealth of information and expertise for our next Connection Night on March 18.  We hope you will join us!

Mardi Bass: Session I

How Parents Can be Intentional Role Models in the Home

To Mardi Bass, family has been her passion all of her adult life, especially the life of the Christian family. She believes “As the family goes, so the school, church, county, state and country go!” She grew up in a Christian home, but did not personally give her life to the Lordship of Jesus until she was 32.  

She received her Master’s degree from the University of Tennessee, in Developmental Psychology, Family Studies, and Counseling with a minor in Interior Design. Since that time, encouraging and developing the Christian family has been her primary calling.  She has deeply studied the Bible and has taught large groups of couples and women, in practical authentic ways for over forty years, helping them build lives that are pleasing to the Lord. She traveled the southeast for seven years doing seminars for women’s groups, teaching over ten thousand women!  

 She used her Interior Design training to create her own very successful Interior Design firm, for fifteen years encouraging families to create warm and loving home environments. Following that, she became licensed as a Christian Counselor and Therapist, and has given the past thirty years to counseling people to live a life of victory, first at Mabel White Counseling Center and now, in semi-retirement, at her home office.

She and her late husband Dr. Tom Bass, have 3 married children and 9 grandchildren, who all live in Macon, and enjoy weekly Sunday lunches together, before Covid!  Thankfully their children and in-laws are all very good friends, and the cousins deeply love each other.  Her children attended Tattnall, and their daughter Elizabeth Bass Hilliard and husband Lance (also a Tattnall grad) have 3 children who also attend Tattnall.  Elizabeth has recently been added as the High School Art teacher at Tattnall, a role she absolutely loves! Once a Trojan, always a Trojan!


Dan Darden: Session II

How to Talk to Children about Issues of Anxiety, Depression, and Identity from a Biblical Worldview 

Dan is currently in his 21st year as the Director of Christian Counseling Services Counseling Center of Macon, Georgia, a non-profit organization which has been helping people across the Middle Georgia area for almost 27 years now.  Along with his directorship responsibilities, Dan also provides individual, marital and family counseling.

Prior to assuming his role as director at Christian Counseling Services in February of 2001, he worked for six years in the state mental health system as a mental health professional and an addictions specialist. 

Over the last 28 years, Dan has served local churches as a senior pastor, education pastor and counseling pastor.  In addition, he has taught on both the junior college and high school level, the latter being Covenant Academy from 2006 – 2012.


Dan served as a Marine Corps Infantry Officer from 1975 until August of 1995 when he retired at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He has a great love for music with a particular passion for music of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. He and his beautiful wife Sandy make their home in Macon, GA.