Sonday Essentials Phonics 

The Lower School is excited to announce the introduction of a new phonics program in K5-3rd grade.  Sonday System Essentials is a systematic, direct, and explicit way to teach phonics and other essential reading skills to the entire class using multisensory Orton Gillingham methods. It is designed to supplement core curriculum by giving all learners a solid foundation, which cements student learning into long-term memory.

Last May, our preschool through 3rd grade teachers attended an intensive 2-day training session on the Orton Gillingham methods used in Sonday Essentials.  Orton Gillingham is a methodology that was developed originally for struggling readers with dyslexic tendencies. Although the original intent was to assist struggling learners, experts discovered that this multisensory approach to learning would benefit ALL learners, especially when introduced from the ground up.  Tattnall’s adoption of the Sonday Essentials program was born out of the desire to give all children the benefits of learning from this method, whether they are gifted or struggling readers. Our goal is for every child to have a solid foundation, and we are confident this phonics program will have a significant impact.

We are thrilled to be able to offer this program as part of our everyday reading instruction.  We believe it will be a game changer in the areas of reading and spelling. You may hear of other schools using the Orton Gillingham approach for resource programs or intervention purposes only.  We are proud to be implementing this program as an essential addition to our everyday curriculum for all students! The impact will be significant.