ImageEight TSA Lower School students placed in the annual Cherry Blossom ACME paint art show with one additional student chosen to have her art work on the official Cherry Blossom pamphlet! All art works from TSA Elementary students, who filled out permission forms on time and had completed work, are hanging now at ACME paint for viewing. Congratulations to the following art students:

Emily Strange – Emily’s art is featured on The Cherry Blossom pamphlet!

Kindergarten Winners
First: Sophie Grace Hicks
Third: Yuki Deto

1st – 2nd Grade Winners
First: Marykatherine Brake
Second: Lawson Sappe

3rd – 4th Grade Winners
First: Katelyn Childs

5th – 6th Grade Winners:
First: Gracie Martin
Second: Sophie Kate Ethridge
Honorable Mention: Matthew Farmer