As you begin shopping for the upcoming school year, please be aware of dress code changes and reminders.  Proper skirt length and tucked in shirts with belts were the most noted violations this past school year, therefore all parents all encouraged to help reduce/eliminate these two areas of concern in particular. Young ladies should only wear skirts that are at least finger tip length or longer.  No splits in the back of the skirts will be allowed, and no “Chubbies” (shorts) for males will be allowed.

Wednesday is Chapel Day, and for the new school year on Wednesdays, for grades 7-12, young ladies will be expected to wear the plaid uniform skirt and oxford shirts (light blue, white, or yellow) with the Tattnall logo. Boys will be expected to wear khaki colored pants, white, light blue, or pin-striped oxford shirts tucked in with a belt, along with a tie or bowtie that is of the same plaid as the young ladies skirts (classic navy) or is of school colors only -blue and gold.  All shirts should have the Tattnall logo. There is no dress change for grades K3 through sixth.

Outerwear on spirit days only may have logos other than TSA, but all other days, any outerwear must have TSA logo. Non-TSA coats, jackets, raincoats, etc., that are worn into the school are allowed, but must be removed once inside the school.  All “hoodies” or athletic outerwear (example: half zip windbreakers or sports wear) must have a collared shirt on underneath with the collar clearly visible.  No hood is to be pulled over the head inside the building.