Catch the madness as we kick off our Tattnall Madness challenge, Battle of the Brackets! The challenge will bring classes head-to-head, competing for highest annual fund participation level by class, with the winning classes moving on to the next round.

Tattnall Madness is a great opportunity for some friendly and fun class competition to show your Trojan pride.
Tattnall Madness kicked off on March 8th with the “regular season” of giving to earn a spot in the Elite 8!

Once the top 8 classes are identified, we will have a tournament style competition that will kick-off on March 16 and conclude with a championship round on March 23 at 11:59 p.m.


Key Dates

While March Madness officially begins on March 16, we encourage you to make your annual fund gifts before then to help your class start off strong in the challenge. The  top 8 classes with the highest participation percentage will compete in the ultimate class showdown.

March 20: Final Four challenge begins with final day to make gift on March 21 at 11:59 p.m.
March 22: Championship round begins with final day to make gift on March 23 at 11:59 p.m. Final day to make gift for school wide goal of 70%.
March 24: Class winner will be announced!

Current Class Standings

K3 – 29%
K4 – 18%
K5 – 27%
1st – 52%
2nd – 53%
3rd – 82%
4th – 50%
5th – 42%
6th – 69%
7th – 45%
8th – 37%
9th – 65%
10th – 37%
11th – 42%
12th – 11%

School wide participation level: 37%  

How can I join the madness:

SCORE – Help your class reach 100% participation by making your annual fund gift today!

SHARE – Reach out to other families in your class by “Sharing the Madness” in your class Facebook group!


  •  What is Tattnall Madness? – Tattnall Madness is a 16-day challenge to help increase family participation in our Annual Fund. Modeled in the style of the NCAA March Madness Tournament, Tattnall Madness sets up a single elimination tournament style bracket to determine which classes have the most Trojan Pride. The challenge is simple, make your gift to the Annual Fund during Tattnall Madness and prove once and for all, which class has the most Trojan Pride!
  • How is participation calculated? – A family gift is credited to all children in that family at TSA.
  • How does my class advance each round? – The winner of a given round is determined by the class with the highest participation vs. their opponent in that round.
  • I have already donated, can I still participate? –  Multiple gifts are always welcome, but your first give is already included in the class participation levels listed on the left hand side.
  • What does my class get when we WIN? – The winning class will enjoy an extended outdoor cookout lunch (during the school day) with music and games!
  • How can I learn more about the Annual Fund? –  Visit the Annual Fund page on our website to learn more about the importance of giving and getting involved at TSA!
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