Dear Tattnall Square Academy families,

I hope that you and your family have enjoyed the summer.  As you probably know, we were recently recognized as the “Best of the Best” for the sixth consecutive year.  My challenge to our faculty, parents, and students is to strive to make the BEST BETTER.  You will notice a different logo at the top of this letter.  We will be celebrating 50 years of exceptional education and have many exciting events planned to commemorate our golden anniversary.  In just a few short days, all students will return to school to begin a year of challenges, opportunities, and growth. While much has been done to prepare for this new time, the faculty and staff continue to need your prayers and support.  To allow for a smooth opening to the school year, please take note of these important events:

August 15 Orientation/Open House

New Family Orientation for grades K3-12

Trojan Hall      5:00

Dismiss new elementary students; new students 7th-12th grade students should report to Tech Lab for computer orientation       5:15

Middle and High School

All  7th-12th grade students should report to Room 100 to receive their schedules from 5:00-5:30 p.m..  Returning students in 8th-12th do not need to attend the walk through orientation afterwards.

7th Grade and New Student Walk Through Orientation

All 7th graders and new students in grades 8-12.  Parents may attend.

1st Hour      5:35-5:40

2nd Hour    5:45-5:50

3rd Hour     5:55-6:00

4th Hour     6:05-6:10

5th Hour     6:15-6:20

6th Hour     6:25-6:30

7th Hour     6:35-6:40



K3, K4, K5 Orientations in classrooms      5:30-6:00

1st-6th grade Drop-in Open House             5:30-6:30

5th/6th grade parent meeting in PE Gym  6:00

August 16 First day of school- Full Day for ALL

K3 & K4        8:10 – 2:30

K5                  8:10-2:35

1st & 2nd      8:10 – 2:45

3rd grade      8:10 – 2:50

4th grade      8:10 – 2:55

5th grade      8:10 – 3:10

6th grade      8:10 – 3:10

7th – 12th      8:10 – 3:15 (1-7 Schedule- No Rotation)

Please note the times and locations for all orientation sessions.   Please adhere to the above schedule to allow our orientation sessions for new families and Open House to run smoothly.   These sessions are extremely important, as information on classes, handbooks, dress codes, and internet acceptable use policy will be given.  An online form giving required permissions and acknowledging proof of you receiving necessary information concerning your student(s) will be emailed shortly.  Students in grades

7-12 will also receive an email concerning locker assignments.  The student handbook has been updated and will be posted on our website prior to August 16.  Please take time to read it and ask questions as needed. Points of emphasis have been highlighted.  Please be sure to share these with your child.

Students are encouraged to follow TSA dress code or TSA special occasion dress code for Orientation and Open House.  Please be reminded that hair length on male students is limited to above the collar, ear, and eye, and no facial hair is allowed.  Female students must adhere to the fingertip rule for length of skirts, jumpers, and shorts, with no split in the back of the skirt or jumper. Please refer to the student handbook for complete details of dress code and chapel wear.

The safety and well being of our students is of utmost importance; therefore, throughout the year, parents and visitors on campus are reminded to stop by the elementary or front office to sign in before visiting classrooms or the lunchroom.  

Delayed Arrival will begin Monday, September 24 and occur ONLY on the last Monday of each month. On September 24, students will begin school at 8:40 a.m. Here are a few important items to remember regarding Delayed Arrival Mondays:

  • Faculty and Staff will be in meetings from 7:30-8:25 a.m. on these days and, therefore, will not be available.
  • Childcare will be available for lower school students in need, but will not be available until 7:45 a.m.
  • If your children will be arriving prior to 8:30 a.m., please direct them to the following locations designated by grade level:

            K3 & K4 Room 401

            K5 – 2nd Room 400

            3rd – 6th Lunchroom

            7th – 12th Lunchroom

  • Delayed Arrival Mondays will occur every last Monday of the month between September 24 and April 29.

The school year calendar is posted on our website, and you can find the answers to many of your questions here throughout the year.  Please utilize this valuable information and communication tool. There are so many activities planned throughout the school year, and if dates change, the updates will be posted there as well.  We will use a variety of different social media tools to promote activities and share information. I encourage you to maintain a positive influence with your personal social media and address any concerns you may have with the appropriate staff.

I know that all of us have high expectations for the upcoming year.  My hope is that the service we provide for your family will far exceed your expectations.  Please continue to pray for us all to have a successful school year, and as always, if I can ever be of service, do not hesitate to call.



John Hankinson

Head of School